12U Boys Schedule

DateTimeFieldHomeHome ScoreVisitorVisitor Score
Saturday, November 2nd9:00amLobos Azules3Black Sheep4
Saturday, November 2nd10:15amStars0Warriors4
Saturday, November 2nd12:00pmBlack Sheep8Stars0
Saturday, November 2nd1:15pmWarriors2Lobos Azules7

Sunday, November 3rd9:00amStars0Lobos Azules9
Sunday, November 3rd10:15amBlack Sheep8Warriors1
Sunday, November 3rd12:00pmWarriors1Stars1
Sunday, November 3rd1:15pmBlack Sheep1Lobo Azules2

Point Structure

Shutout1Including scoreless ties
Goals11 point for each goal score, maximum of 3
Maximum of 10 points per game
Negative Points
Red Card (Send off)Minus 2points per card
Coach DismissalMinus 2points per coach dismissed
Recorded as a 1-0 win for the opposing team